You certainly do not recognize him on the street… Despite his strong voice and impulsive temperament, Patrick is the opposite of the genre of his novels: Still alive, playful, funny, but also very close to the people he meets.

He lives with his wife and two children, a good father and always concerned about the quality of life of his family. Gentle and sensitive, he is not a follower of violence even though he is fully aware that every human being has a violent, dark and more unpredictable side than he seems…

Patrick was born in Drummondville on October 20, 1967. From the comics at the age of 10, he begin to wrote a few years later, he who already has some fascination for the dark side of the human being.

First attracted by medicine at CEGEP, he preferred to study in arts and literature. It was during these same years that he edited his first small novel in 50 copies, La Vengeance (the revange), a « work of youth ».

He graduated from the University of Montreal (BAC in French studies) and then a few cinema courses at the master’s level; He later teach classes a good ten years. Patrick was published for the first time in 1994, but it was his novel Sur le seuil that made him known, in 1998.

The films he wrote have undoubtedly had a great impact on his recognition of the general public afterwards.





2001: Boréal award for Best novel: Aliss.

2006: Masterton award for the french novel for Sur le seuil (Bragelonne).

2006: Gemini Award nomination for the Le cœur à l’ouvrage scenario, episode of the series Chambre no13.

2007: Saint-Pacôme award for the best detective novel in Quebec for Le Vide.

2007: Public award nomination La Presse of the Montreal Book Fair for Le Vide.

2008: Le Grand Prix des auteurs de la Montérégie (Jury award) for Le Vide.

2009: Public award of the Côte-Nord Book fair for

2012: Nomination for public award La Presse of the Montreal Book Fair for Malphas T. 02.

2016:2 Ténébris award at Printemps meutriers for Faims: Special award of the Jury and best seller Quebec Polar, ex-aequo with Chrystine Brouillet.

Patrick was published at…


Éditions de la Bagnole

Éditions Coups de tête

VLB Éditeur

Bragelonne (Europe)

Fleuve Noir (Europe)

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Simon Roy, « Décocher des flèches rouge sang vers un ciel blanc de neige, » Simon Roy, Alibis no38, Spring 2011. (Analysis of Contre Dieu of Patrick Senécal)

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